Formalization Techniques for Asymptotic Reasoning in Classical Analysis




Formal Proofs, Coq, Classical Analysis, Bachmann-Landau Notations


Formalizing analysis on a computer involves a lot of “epsilon-delta” reasoning, while informal reasoning may use some asymptotical hand-waving. Whether or not the arithmetic details are hidden using some abstraction like filters, a human user eventually has to break it down for the proof assistant anyway, and provide a witness for the existential variable “delta”. We describe formalization techniques that take advantage of existential variables to delay the input of witnesses until a stage where the proof assistant can actually infer them. We use these techniques to prove theorems about classical analysis and to provide equational Bachmann-Landau notations. This partially restores the simplicity of informal hand-waving without compromising the proof. As expected this also reduces the size of proof scripts and the time to write them, and it also makes proofs more stable.


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