Implementation of Bourbaki's Elements of Mathematics in Coq: Part Two, From Natural Numbers to Real Numbers


  • José Grimm INRIA, Marelle Team



Coq, Bourbaki, sets, integers, rational numbers, real numbers


This paper describes  a formalization of the first book of the series ``Elements  of Mathematics'' by Nicolas Bourbaki, using the Coq proof assistant. In a first paper published in this journal, we presented the axioms and basic constructions (corresponding to a part of the first two chapters of book I, theory of sets). We discuss here the set of integers (third chapter of  book I, theory of set), the sets Z and Q (first chapter of book II, Algebra) and the set of real numbers (Chapter 4 of  book III, General topology). We start with a comparison of the Bourbaki  approach, the Coq standard library, and the Ssreflect library, then present our implementation.


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