Journal of Formalized Reasoning

The journal encourages submission of papers describing significant, automated or semi-automated formalization efforts in any area, including classical mathematics, constructive mathematics, formal algorithms, and program verification. The emphasis of the journal is on proof techniques and methodologies and their impact on the formalization process. In particular, the journal provides a forum for comparing alternative approaches, enhancing reusability of solutions and offering a clear view of the current state of the field.

ISSN: 1972-5787

Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Relative Monads Formalised PDF
Thorsten Altenkirch, James Chapman, Tarmo Uustalu 1-43
Certified Kruskal's Tree Theorem PDF
Christian Sternagel 45-62
An Intrinsic Encoding of a Subset of C and its Application to TLS Network Packet Processing PDF
Reynald Affeldt, Kazuhiko Sakaguchi 63-104
Views of PI: Definition and computation PDF
Yves Bertot, Guillaume Allais 105-129
Innocuous Double Rounding of Basic Arithmetic Operations PDF
Pierre Roux 131-142

ISSN 1972-5787
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